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AdFind V01.41.00 and AdMod V01.12.00 Betas available

by @ 6:00 pm on 1/7/2010. Filed under tech

I have been exceedingly lax in updating AdMod this last year. I started working on it on and off after releasing AdFind V01.40.00 last year and while I have gotten much in, I haven’t gotten it released. In the meanwhile, I would hit little things that needed to be fixed in AdFind so I started tweaking that as well. Now I see we are in the new year and still no release and my testing of the existing functionality hasn’t been going fast either to make me comfortable to release as production so instead… I have gone the way of Google and am now offering a public beta of AdFind V01.41.00 and AdMod V01.12.00. You can find the beta versions at

These have been stable in my testing but my testing has not been comprehensive. Obviously AdFind isn’t going to break anything, it can’t, it doesn’t write anything anywhere, however AdMod could go a little awry though again, I haven’t experienced that in a bit. If I had been experiencing it, it wouldn’t see the light of day. I am a bit picky like that, I can and will make mistakes and something will get released with a bad issue occasionally, but something will not get released with a bad issue when I am aware of it.

I am not going to go over all the changes in the code right here right now. My main concern is for people to play with the tools to see if they break anything that previously worked. There were some massive changes around CSV processing so definitely check that out.

If you look back through the blog postings from this last year, you will find a couple of examples of new features/switches in AdMod.



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3 Responses to “AdFind V01.41.00 and AdMod V01.12.00 Betas available”

  1. Marc says:

    Hi Joe,

    Looks like admod beta is requiring a few exotic DLLs that are missing from my machine. I found one, still looking for cc3290mt.dll.
    Also found this thread that gives a hint to suppress the need for these DLLs:

    Thanks and as always kuddos for the hard work on the tools.

  2. joe says:

    Apologies… That is my bad… That is a Borland/CodeGear DLL. When I ported AdMod over from the old compiler, one of the linkage switches must have gotten changed. I normally build the appp so they don’t use dynamic libs for the borland stuff. I will chase it down and rebuild the package and update it on the website.


  3. joe says:

    New version has been posted, apologies!

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