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AdFind’s objectClass output is correct, it is CSVDE that is incorrect…

by @ 1:44 pm on 1/18/2010. Filed under tech

I promise myself that any time I hit about five emails for the same issue, I will try to write a blog entry about it so people can find it during their Google search phase before attempting to bother the developers/support folks…

Well I hit the limit this morning with an issue that has annoyed me for a long time with CSVDE but didn’t otherwise care about because quite simply I don’t use it and honestly not many people even realize to even ask about…

CSVDE gives incorrect output for objectClass. It gives you a single value for objectClass although objectClass is a multi-valued attribute.

For example:

C:\temp\delete>csvde -s test-dc1 -r name=joe  -f CON:  -l objectclass
Connecting to "test-dc1"
Logging in as current user using SSPI
Exporting directory to file CON:
Searching for entries…
Writing out entries
Export Completed. Post-processing in progress…
1 entries exported

The command has completed successfully

C:\temp\delete>adfind -e -default -f name=joe  objectclass

AdFind V01.41.00cpp ##BETA## Joe Richards ( January 2010

Using server: TEST-DC1.test.loc:389
Directory: Windows Server 2003
Base DN: DC=test,DC=loc

>objectClass: top
>objectClass: joeware-DottedLine
>objectClass: person
>objectClass: organizationalPerson
>objectClass: user

1 Objects returned


You will note that in the CSVDE export it doesn’t mention joeware-DottedLine at all… The generic issue here is that from the CSVDE output you have no understanding that there is a dynamic aux class bound to the object. Dynamic auxiliary classes make additional attributes available on objects. In this case, the ability to specify an additional dotted line manager or managers.  This could be troublesome if you are exporting objects and then re-importing them later.



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