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From the mailbag… Finding groups with a certain string in the name

by @ 9:33 pm on 2/19/2010. Filed under tech

From: joe []
Sent: xxx
To: xxx
Subject: RE: AdFind

Hey xxx, you could do something like

adfind -default -f "&(objectcategory=group)(name=*webmaster*) " -dn

If you want to specify a domain other than the default, replace -default with -b domainDN


O’Reilly Active Directory Fourth Edition –

From: xxx
Sent: xxx
To: ‘’
Subject: AdFind


Can/how can AdFind be used to find all groups in a domain that have for example, the string “webmaster” in the group name?

Any help would be appreciated.



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2 Responses to “From the mailbag… Finding groups with a certain string in the name”

  1. davis says:

    dsquery group -name *webmaster*

    Again, this doesn’t use your _extremely_ handy adFind tool but it is much quicker to type. Also, the output can more easily be used in scripts without having to strip the dn: out.

    I just did a very quick search and couldn’t find it … can adFind output the rdn only instead of the full DN?

  2. Mike Kline says:

    Just a comment to the comment about the typing. Don’t forget about the great shortcuts in adfind. So trying to save keystrokes use:

    adfind –sc g:*webmaster* dn

    Now it takes longer to type the dsquery command adfind wins again 🙂

    If you don’t want the entire dn

    adfind –sc g:*webmaster* cn -nodn



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