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You know you have been in IT too long when…

by @ 11:44 am on 8/2/2014. Filed under humour

…sorting your socks you realize you have at least 5 different brands/styles of white socks and you actually say out loud before thinking… “I really need to standardize on a single vendor and style for these white socks.”…

Then even as you think how sad it was that you came to that conclusion about something as simple and fun as socks you are trying to come up with a remediation plan and determining the features to standardize on… which ones do I like the feel of, what brands have the better quality, what socks seem to stay “whitest”, etc…

Sadly that is a true story.


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3 Responses to “You know you have been in IT too long when…”

  1. Socks says:


  2. Tom says:

    I standardized years ago and just recently have been adding some variety. Not sure made the correct decision 🙂

  3. Required Name says:

    If all your white socks are the same, how will you know which two socks make up a pair without the additional trouble of embroidering machine readable inventory codes on your socks?

    I feel it’s healthy to have a variety of vendors for underwear of all sorts.


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