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What do I like about Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 TP5?

by @ 11:29 am on 8/2/2016. Filed under general

It seems I have been having a generally bad attitude about Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 TP5 lately (especially the Start Menu) so I sat down and thought for a while… what do I really like about Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 TP5.

There has to be something that sticks out to me because it can’t all be painful and/or bad… I realized that my favorite part is the ability to finally be able to set the transparency level on the CMD and PowerShell console windows.

There used to be an application that would do that for you for the CMD console but it was kind of clunky especially when typing fast or the screen was scrolling fast. Glad to have it built in now. That was a feature I fell in love with on FreeBSD ages ago.


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