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Getting the DN of the parent of an object

by @ 10:33 pm on 5/11/2017. Tags:
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Do you remember how several years ago I added to AdFind the ability to display the parent of the object you searched for? Microsoft finally added that ability as well for any LDAP query as of Windows Server 2012 R2 and ADLDS for Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2.

The attribute is called msDS-parentdistname.

[Thu 05/11/2017  22:10:46.92]
E:\>adfind -e k16 -f name=unix* msDS-parentdistname -dpdn

AdFind V01.50.00cpp Joe Richards ( May 2017

Using server: K16TST-DC1.k16tst.test.loc:389
Directory: Windows Server 2016
Base DN: DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

>parentdn: OU=TestOU,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
>msDS-parentdistname: OU=TestOU,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

>parentdn: CN=TestContainer,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
>msDS-parentdistname: CN=TestContainer,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

>parentdn: CN=UnixCN,CN=TestContainer,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
>msDS-parentdistname: CN=UnixCN,CN=TestContainer,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

>parentdn: OU=Unix,OU=TestOU,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
>msDS-parentdistname: OU=Unix,OU=TestOU,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

>parentdn: OU=Unix,OU=TestOU,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
>msDS-parentdistname: OU=Unix,OU=TestOU,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

5 Objects returned

Now I could change AdFind to just use that attribute but since I know for a fact people who are using AdFind for earlier Windows versions and for non-Microsoft LDAP implementations it will stay right where it is.


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