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Sanjay Tandon moves on…

by @ 6:46 pm on 7/18/2005. Filed under tech

Do you know the name Sanjay Tandon? If not, and you are into Active Directory, that is a bit surprising.

Sanjay was one of the AD Dev Security guys (a PM actually) at Microsoft. He was directly responsible for putting together the AD Delegation Whitepaper that you can find here that quite frankly should have been sent along with every copy of Windows 2000 from Day 1. This is a great little doc and I was lucky enough to see it prior to the release to the public and give feedback so you will find my name in the acknowledgments along with quite a few other folks I respect quite a bit. Oh and Guido as well (Bahaha – had to do it Guido).

Moving right along…. You might have heard Sanjay speak because he has spoken at several Microsoft based conferences like DEC (Directory Experts Conference by NetPro). His talks are usually quite well received (as well as crowded) as there are a lot of people struggling with how to secure AD well or in many cases at all.

So anyway, I just found out today that Sanjay has left Microsoft as of July 1 and struck out on his own. He has spun up a website and is inviting folks to come back on July 25, 2005 to see what he is going to be doing next. Obviously it is all around security, but who knows what form this will take and what he will be doing. I know I certainly will be going back to look at the site at the end of the month.

If you had ever met Sanjay, you know that he is quite an upbeat friendly guy with a lot of ideas and some very interesting security stories. Lots of luck and success to Sanjay and his new venture.

If you are curious as to what Sanjay is up to now, check out his website at


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2 Responses to “Sanjay Tandon moves on…”

  1. A Passer By says:


    Today being July 25th, I checked his website out … sure enough, there’s a section titled 07.25. Just read through his vision for what he has in mind … I must say I’m pretty impressed.

    Also checked out the updated FAQ section. It was quite fascinating to go through some of he questions he’s received (especially Q 13 :-))

    The guy’s definitely putting his money where is mouth is … I mean, if he quit a job at Microsoft to go do this, he must definitely believe in his undertaking … surely takes a lot of guts to quit Microsoft!

    Any Microsofties on this forum? Care to provide your input on how the folks inside view his departure?

    Peace, y’all …

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