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Archive for January 1st, 2006

Active Directory Cookbook 2nd Edition

by @ Sunday, January 1st, 2006. Filed under tech

I have agreed to be one of the technical review folks for the AD Cookbook 2E. If you are an AD person and don’t have the AD Cookbook 1st edition, shame on you, it is a great book with outstanding technical review work done on it[1]. So anyway, what do you think is missing from […]

End of Days…

by @ Sunday, January 1st, 2006. Filed under rants

The history channel has been interesting this week with several armageddon type shows. The whole thing sort of confuses me if I look at it as a pure religious conversation. There are all of these religious folks out their saying we can expect armageddon in our lifetime. So what? What does it mean to us […]

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