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Archive for January 21st, 2006

Administratively setting a password in AD with ADMOD

by @ Saturday, January 21st, 2006. Filed under tech

2 ways 1. admod -b some_dn unicodepwd::somepassword -kerbenc 2. admod -b some_dn #setpwd#::somepassword   The first uses straight LDAP, the second uses ADSI and will probably end up getting stripped out.   Change password is not currently supported, it is a bit of an interesting LDAP op and requires a delete of the old password […]

But the schema says description is multivalued…

by @ Saturday, January 21st, 2006. Filed under tech

So in the last week I have received two email questions that were about an interesting issue with the Active Directory attribute description. To paraphrase both of the questions It says in the schema that description is multivalued but every time I try to use admod to add a second value to the description it […]

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