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by @ 2:19 am on 4/18/2008. Filed under general

Sorry MSFT Marketing, I will not call ADAM by the new name you want to give it, ADLDS, no matter how much you want me to….

I also will not call AD, ADDS….

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One Response to “ADAM vs ADLDS”

  1. Adam says:

    Right on!

    Even though my name is Adam, so conversations can get silly quickly (“Adam is deploying ADAM today.”) trying to say or type “AD Lightweight Directory Services” is futile. New law: All acronyms greater than 2 letters must be pronounceable as a word (we say “A-duck” for ADUC here for example)

    And I have also seen AD/ADDS referred to as “ADS” for Active Directory Services, which always make me think of NDS.

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