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Offline NT Password Editor Still Works for Windows 7

by @ 6:07 pm on 10/12/2009. Filed under tech

Thank goodness!  🙂

My freshly loaded PC, previously SFMXP32, now SFMWIN764[1] has been running great. However I have been a bit lax in fully setting it up because I haven’t activated the license yet and think, who knows, maybe I will reload it again for some odd reason… Well that means I haven’t joined it to my home domain yet and I haven’t added any other additional IDs… So what happens, I restart the computer and when it comes back up it doesn’t recognize my password. No I didn’t forget it. No I didn’t typo it. I also didn’t make the little reset your password USB key either. So I am sitting there going, great, I don’t have time to figure out how to hack Windows 7, let’s hope the offline password editor still works…

I went out and downloaded the latest ISO from and burned the CD and voila, 3 minutes later I was up and running again. Have no clue what happened to my old password but it was annoying to have happen though it was in a way good because I now know that Win7 can be broken into the same way as my previous machines could be if I needed to. ;o)




[1] Sure sure, it isn’t really a Super Fast Mofo of a machine anymore, heck it can’t even run Hyper-V the chip and board are so old… But I don’t want to hurt its feelings… And yes, computers have feelings…

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  1. I could have connected you to Raj and Sanjeev at the service desk if you’d asked… 😉

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