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The daily rant…

by @ 11:14 am on 6/17/2010. Filed under rants

It irks me when companies I need to help out don’t have my tools loaded on their servers…

+ they lock down internet so I can’t get them…

+ DSQUERY/GET doesn’t retrieve RootDSE and generally suck next to my utilities…

+ REPADMIN isn’t loaded either…


Here I am trying to write vbscripts to duplicate functionality I wrote into my tools years ago… And of course not all functionality can be duplicated.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

3 Responses to “The daily rant…”

  1. Mike Kline says:

    What about date/time decoding with DSQUERY; I really miss that feature that adfind has. What about all the cool shortcuts you have. The list goes on and on.

    I’m going through a bigtime fight right now on a closed network (government folks will know what I’m talking about). I’m being told that any tool that “scans” the network has to have testing etc. I tried to explain that adfind is LDAP queries on mega Steroids; it poses no threat at all. So I’ve been trying to do stuff in vbscript and it sucks.

    …I’m not giving up the fight though I will get adfind/admod on this network 🙂



  2. /\/\o\/\/ says:

    Almost afraid to ask 😉

    No >_ On the Box??

    Greetings /\/\o\/\/

  3. Scotte says:

    ooooh, how bout a “Export Query to .vbs” option for AdFind 🙂

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