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Avoid Domain Registry of America

by @ 10:57 am on 5/31/2011. Filed under rants

A friend of mine (my Chiropractor) asked me to look into their registrar because they wanted to split up their email and web hosting. They had been told by someone that it wasn’t possible. I was pretty shocked because being able to specify email from one hosting company and web page hosting from another is a pretty simple basic configuration. So I pinged customer support and found that yes, they do not allow that type of split up and in fact here is the response I received from Dan in the Technical Support Department.

“And as for what was mentioned about the MX records and our hosting, you
were told the correct information. When you use our hosting you are then
set up on our hosting name servers, which have our internal DNS records
set in place, these records cannot be altered or changed so you would
not have the access to use us for web site hosting only. Our hosting
service is, for a lack of a better term, all or nothing.”

I was pretty shocked, “all or nothing”… Excellent. My recommendation to folks out there then would be to choose NOTHING.

So then I thought, wow, others much have run into this and reported on it as well, sure enough, googling for Domain Registry of America comes up with some choice comments… I have pretty consistently found the term SCAM alongside their name.


Some choice URLS



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