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Rely on smart people…

by @ 3:52 pm on 4/21/2014. Filed under quotes

This could be as applicable for internal IT for a company as for a Service Company that supplies IT Services.

“IMO, we wrongfully assume that our customers will think about their work loss and possible downtime and what that will cost them when it occurs when thinking about TCO and they mostly don’t do that from what I have seen. We rely on smart people on our side to a) be aware of the real issues and b) try to warn customers of the issues and then rely on smart people on their side to a) be aware enough to take the warnings and b) smart enough to not believe any kind of hype that *anyone* can run everything perfectly without outages as it isn’t realistically possible to do so and c) have a voice that is powerful enough to go against the $$$ numbers screaming to do it in a different way. We should align what we charge to what we prefer to support such that our preferred solutions that give us the best long term repeatable and supportable results with the customer are the least costly so the customer will willingly and purposely choose those same solutions.”

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