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Updated: the joeware fork of rdp-sec-chk

by @ 9:03 pm on 11/17/2014. Filed under perl, tech, updates

I have updated rdp-sec-chk on the joeware website.

I had added some IPv6 functionality so that I could use it over DirectAccess from my employer’s environment and never released it because it was a bit hacky. However I started having others that wanted to use it that way too so was going to release V01.01.00 and then noticed that Portcullis Security had updated their tool to V0.9-beta. So instead of releasing V01.01.00 I instead tweaked their V0.9-beta with the V01.00.00 and V01.01.00 changes and made it into joeware version V02.00.00.

You can find it at

Once again, this isn’t your normal joeware, this was something useful that I found that solved a specific issue but I needed to get it into a slightly different format for my easy use so tweaked it. Tweaks are intended to be kept at a minimum to achieve my goals. Please feel free to use the Portcullis Security version directly if that works better for your needs.


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