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AdFind V01.49.00 Released

by @ 4:45 pm on 2/28/2015. Filed under updates

I found a bug in –dloid functionality so I have corrected the bug and re-release AdFind with a new version number – V01.49.00.

If you are unfamiliar with –dloid it tells AdFind to NOT download a partial schema to get the OID/Type info for attributes to decode special attributes such as GUIDs and SIDs etc. There are some hardcoded attributes that I will still decode but anything dynamically added won’t be in there. This can cut a second or two off of the run time of the tool which doesn’t matter all that much for when you run the command directly but if you have a script that calls adfind over and over again it can be significant savings.

Note that one fix in V01.48.00 was for AdFind to automatically enable this for non-MSFT directories. That is how I broke the actual switch when specified. My bad. Smile


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