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AdFind/AdMod Are In The Garage

by @ 11:31 am on 8/2/2016. Filed under tech

I am looking at what needs to be updated for AdFind/AdMod for Windows Server 2016 Active Directory and ADLDS. Is anyone actively using the beta and using AdFind/AdMod against it? Thoughts, comments, questions?


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3 Responses to “AdFind/AdMod Are In The Garage”

  1. Douglas Einck says:

    Your tools are very much still my first go-to after all these years just since I’m the most comfortable with them. Yeah Posh is great and much overlaps, but your utilities are lightning quick to construct parameters along with the execution. I’ve seen you & Dean speak way back at DEC and I respect you & your tools greatly! I’ll be very sad to never see more updates for sure – so sounding to be the case now, eh? If that’s true, I’ll probably get a bit of resistance from my higher-ups (Architect) at work if they see it’s no longer being updated.


  2. joe says:

    No absolutely not the case. In fact this post you are commenting on is me saying I have unpacked the source code and I am looking at what needs to be updated for Windows Server 2016. Specifically, who is using it against the Windows Server 2016 Betas and Previews and what issues are you seeing?

    While it is true I have been slow on updates the last couple of years but that is due to a few things. The first is that most of the updates in the tools have been driven for a need from me to have some new functionality or found something broken, I use these tools daily and there is just nothing that sticks out to me as needing radical change. The second is that my time to do casual updates has greatly diminished since 2008 when my company acquired another company and the volume of work I have had to do to make things function has gone up considerably. I allowed that to take over my life for some time as a good loyal employee but that has now stopped as I realized I will never be compensated for the literally thousands of extra hours I have put in over the last several years to help out. The third item is that changes not directly driven by me are driven by folks who email me with specific issues, etc that I haven’t encountered and in general a lot of that has dropped off as well.

    If I ever get to a point where I make the conscious decision to not update the tools any longer I will publish something to that effect. 🙂


  3. djimi says:

    I hope to be testing out 2016 soon, and would give you feedback. As Douglas said above – there’s still a great place for your tools. You gave everyone a CLI that worked for Windows and I’m truly grateful for your work. Excelsior!

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