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Active Directory Deleted Objects

by @ 2:41 pm on 4/10/2017. Filed under general, tech

In case it is ever a question (say like someone from MSFT tells you it works differently), objects deleted in Active Directory go into the Deleted Objects container[1] of the Partition the objects live in. They do not get moved to the Configuration Partition Deleted Objects container.

[Mon 04/10/2017 14:37:42.83]
C:\>adfind -hh k16tst-dc1.k16tst.test.loc -gcb -f "cn=deleted objects" -dn -showdel

AdFind V01.50.00.00cpp VS BETA Joe Richards ( April 2016

Using server: K16TST-DC1.k16tst.test.loc:3268
Directory: Windows Server 2016

dn:CN=Deleted Objects,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
dn:CN=Deleted Objects,CN=Configuration,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc
dn:CN=Deleted Objects,DC=k16tstchld,DC=k16tst,DC=test,DC=loc

3 Objects returned



[1] There are some special cases here, but under no circumstances do objects from PartitionN go to the Configuration Partition CN=Deleted Objects container once deleted.

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