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AdFind V01.50.00 Beta 2 is now available

by @ 11:06 pm on 4/18/2017. Filed under general, tech


I have now uploaded a second beta of AdFind V01.50.00 to the website, you can find it at

The previous beta had two main issues with it.

First it was built with dynamic linking meaning that it looked for MSFT DLLs on the machine it was running on to utilize the API functions there. One of the “selling points” of using Visual Studio is using DLLs that are most likely already on Windows machines but I had enough folks respond saying that they didn’t or couldn’t load the redistributable packages that I decided to go back to my old ways of static linking meaning no other files should be required to run this version of the AdFind beta. If you find that not to be the case, please let me know.

Second I learned some interesting stuff about Visual Studio in that it is switching to Universal CRT / virtual APIs but this only works on newer OS machines, specifically it is not compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. I, being silly, had not tested the beta on Windows 7 nor Windows Server 2008 R2 machine so I didn’t catch that problem. It was quite a learning curve the last nine or so days to sort that out and get it fixed. That was especially fun with the lack of solid documentation as mentioned previously. I apologize it took so long, I have been pretty busy with my day job working a few more hours than I should be but that will be settling down soon once I get one of my current projects handled so I can focus on personal stuff and joeware some more again. Smile 

As before, please let me know any feedback you have, email to with ADFIND BETA in the subject so I will see it amongst everything else. I am still working through some of the other feedback, I will respond to everyone I just wanted to get these two main issues out of the way to allow for more testing for folks who were excluded with the first beta. Smile


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