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Now this is a great email…

by @ 2:07 pm on 4/22/2017. Filed under general

I have been going through thousands of emails I was behind on and in great part there are a lot of “thanks but…” emails, this one is simply a thanks email. Loved it.


Subject: Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that between ADFind, and some Unix/bash regular expressions-based pixie dust, I’ve been able to extract tons of information out of the active directory domain where I work…

Like a list of every (unique) job title used, a list of every sever used as a network home, etc, etc, etc…

It’s been incredibly helpful in tracking the likely causes of some of the odd behaviors that the other techs and I have noticed over the years (specifically users in the same job who don’t have the same policies/access to things).

If you’re curious, I’d be happy to go into detail.

I strongly believe that life would be better if we were as compelled to thank people and tell them what they’re doing right as we are to complain. So, I wanted to thank you (in as direct a way as I can) for everything and offer my wishes that everything is going well for you. 🙂

– Kevin

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