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by @ 2:27 pm on 11/12/2017. Filed under general

As I find myself digging through the AdMod source code adding functionality and fixing small bugs here and there I realize that someone much smarter than I wrote the original version. And paradoxically I am the only one who has ever seen, let alone touch, this source code…

Back when writing a lot of this code I got to spend 4-5 hours a night for weeks on end working on it so I could become one with the code. That is much more difficult now as I have moved up the in responsibility for work and added additional home tasks.

All in all… It is quite amazing what the ability to focus on something for an extended time can do for your intelligence level regarding that something.

I am kind of in awe of the power I put into the tool if you really are familiar with the switches etc. Especially all of the CSV/Variable Expansion stuff. It is so rare that I even use it to the full level that it is capable.


Rating 4.60 out of 5

3 Responses to “AdMod”

  1. Jgv says:

    You are right, admod is such a powerful tool, with great power comes great responsibility, which is why i use it so sparingly. For the things I do use it for (automation of workflow) its very powerful and quick. Just figuring out how i wrote the admod command years ago is mind boggling i cant imagine looking at the lines of genius you must have wrote years ago.

  2. chavdar says:

    Is this new version available?
    The download link gives exe dated 2012 …

    For the record, today was my first touch to this site (used adfind and it helped! ) 🙂

    • joe says:


      I have actually been working on a new version of AdMod the last few months. I am in the process right now of working on some changes to make working with Security Descriptors easier (hopefully). No ETA on release yet, it will be on the blog when it starts getting close.

      That being said, AdMod hasn’t needed as many updates as AdFind as the modification stuff is more basic than looking around at things. I use the V01.18.00 version daily in my “real” job.

      Finally, is there something in particular that you need AdMod to do that you don’t feel it does now? Is there some specific feature that you felt was missing that made you think “is there a new version?” or was it simply a thought on when it was released and the current model of software where companies keep pushing the idea that we have to keep getting new versions (and generally paying for it)? Since my tools are free I don’t subscribe to that model and update things when they need it (and I can fit the time in around actual paying work) or usually more specifically when I really need it to accomplish something.


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