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AdFind V01.50.00 Beta is now available

by @ 8:16 pm on 4/9/2017. Tags:
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I am now comfortable enough with the stability of AdFind V01.50.00 to release a beta of what is likely to be released.

I went extra slow on testing on this version because I have converted the compiler from C++ Builder (previously Borland) to Visual Studio. This resulted in a considerable speed increase which really surprised me. I have also made some other internal changes to help speed things up in larger environments, in particular with Security Descriptor decodes.

Here is a basic listing of the the major updates:

BUGFIX: Fixed auto-nopaging        
Ported to Visual Studio 2015       
Change CHAR functions to _s versions
__int64 stuff for dstime for VS    
Threshold -> Windows Server 2016   
Fix bugs/add changes to dsheuristics
Added -prb                         
Added -appver                      
Fixed bad ! formatting for filterEx
Added -nonoise alias for exclrepl  
Added -sc schemadmp alias for sdump
Added -sc xrdmp alias for xrdump   
Added special bases -ds -svcs      
Fixed CanonicalName for \0A        
Bug Fix -sddl+ ***INVALID***       
Speed up SID resolve for SDDLs     
Decode msDS-ReplAuthenticationMode 
Added -dplsids                     
Added "short" option to -sc dclist 
Added decode of msds-revealedusers 
Added special base -delobjs        
Added utcgt/localgt for -binenc    
Removed GCLIST because it doesn’t work 
Added sslinfo (BETA)               
Changed schema pull page size to 1k
Changed ADAM to ADLDS              
Changed output format of sslinfo  

Get it here:

Please let me know any feedback you have, email to with ADFIND BETA in the subject so I will see it amongst everything else. Smile 


UPDATE: I have received some emails and other contact indicating that when some people run AdFind.exe it pops a dialog for missing DLLs. This beta build of AdFind is not a static build and depends on the VC++ 2015 Redistributables to be in place. If you don’t have them, you can get them at You need the x86 ones because currently AdFind x64 is still in the shop (and likely will not be released for V01.50.00).

Rating 4.33 out of 5

2 Responses to “AdFind V01.50.00 Beta is now available”

  1. Scotte says:

    It’s surprising what a difference nine short years can make. πŸ™‚

  2. Ricky says:

    Ha! And I thought that this utility was going to just gather dust, nice work Joe! πŸ˜‰

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