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Every direction I look I see another form of stupidity or cluelessness…

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Every direction I look I see another form of stupidity or cluelessness. It is like everyone is standing around saying what they will do and no one is actually trying to figure out what we need and making sure what we do aligns with what we need.

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Security is a journey that never ends…

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Security is a journey that never ends, it is not a goal that you will complete by Wednesday at 2:48PM. You must be constantly looking at all aspects of things to make sure they are being handled in the most secure manner possible. Treat the resources you manage as if they were your own.

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The diversity of our people…

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The diversity of our people offers a plethora of solutions. Everyone has something to offer if they are willing to speak up.

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Just in under the wire…

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Signed up 2 weeks ago because I heard a price increase was coming… Got it in just under the wire and saved myself $24.

In order to continue adding more movies and TV shows, we are increasing our price from $7.99 to $8.99 for new members. As a thank you for being a member of Netflix already, we guarantee that your plan and price will not change for two years.

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Great deal on Samsung 500GB SSD drives – $245

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I had a couple of these I bought a while ago that were much more expensive when I got them. I ordered two more today at a much better price…


Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Single Unit Version Internal Solid State Drive MZ-7TE500BW

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Great Cause – Science / Tech / Engineering / Math camp for Detroit Public School Girls

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This is a great cause because it is about science, tech, engineering, and math which we all need more of. I personally know one of the co-founders and she is a great person and wouldn’t be involved with anything BUT a great cause. If you have a spare dollar or three please consider sending it that way. I would love to see them hit their goal by this weekend and if everyone who reads this blog or who has ever used one of the many free tools I openly provide and has saved them hours or days of work gave $5 they would go WAY over their goal and be funded for even more and better things.

This summer we are hosting our first Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (STEM) day-camp for young Detroit Public School girls. Help us excite and inspire this generation’s innovators! 100% of donations will go directly to our campers.

Anyone who donates anything has my thanks! I wouldn’t ask except I know I have a lot of very good people following this blog who want to see improvement in our world and are generally in a position to share some little bit. :)


SPECIAL JOEWARE OFFER FROM ME TO ALL OF YOU…. Anyone who donates $250 USD or more to the cause that I can validate as being received ping me on my joeware email address with high priority (if you can) message with the subject of STEM ROCKS with an address and any proof you have and I will validate the donation and then have a joeware t-shirt in the size of your choice sent to you in addition to any perk you get from the site itself. This isn’t through the co-founders or their project, this is completely between you and me and my pocket because I believe in this cause.




P.S. I know I have been very quiet lately and you may be thinking, "Piss off joe, I didn’t even read this!" However I am close to releasing a new version of AdFind with the 2012 R2 updates and some other fixes and additions and I also have been working on a tool to detect network usage on a machine (based on windump/winpcap) specifically to easily capture in a lightweight summary manner what clients are hitting a DC for LDAP, etc.

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Useful Websites

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Well played Facebook…

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I have been working on an app that will track network packets coming/going to a machine specifically so I can more easily determine when a Domain Controller is being used prior to decommission. I am making it generic enough that it isn’t locked into just watching say the LDAP port, I allow you to specify any WinPCap filter you want. Anyway, while testing the app I had it watching port 80 and 443 packets as there were a lot of those going on on my machine and I wasn’t sure what all of them were so thought it would be interesting to see what I would learn.

When I looked at the output which is simply a summary of the Host IPs with ports and counts of packets to/from those ports I found:

  443|72        80|8   
  443|743        80|8   
  443|7239        80|84   

If it doesn’t immediately make sense to you, those are IPv6 addresses (yeah, I have Comcast and they have IPv6 hot now).  I saw that and thought, oh that has got to be Facebook and I looked up the addresses and sure enough, it was Facebook. They were actually able to "sign" their IP addresses with their name… Almost. Now I need to come up with a new name that can be represented with the Hex Character set.


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Love OneNote but…

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…was testing OneNote on a Motorola Droid Ultra by looking at a shopping list I maintain in OneNote (think about it… great use) and while walking around with the phone in my hand and not knowingly touching the display I somehow someway deleted a bunch of the shopping list and when I got back to looking at the phone saw that the info was gone. So I looked for an undo… No undo… Microsoft… Seriously? No Undo on the Droid version? So I look at the iPhone and alas the info was already synced "to the cloud"… And no Undo on the IOS version either…

Once I got home I was able to open OneNote 2013 and revert to a previous page but thanks to OneNote I didn’t have the fresh garlic I needed but had forgotten about, which is why it was on my shopping list….

Microsoft fix OneNote. No Undo and it syncing a massive delete to the cloud without confirmation is stupid.


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I am not risk adverse…

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I am not risk adverse, I am risk responsible. I am in a unique position that gives me visibility, awareness, understanding, and experience that exceed the norm. Or to put it in more colloquial terms… If you see me running, try to keep up.

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