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Great deal on Electric Tankless Water Heater

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I had a tankless water heater in my old house and I have missed it considerably. The daily deal (next 14 hours) at Amazon happened to pop up with a tankless I have been looking at at Home Depot for about $240 less than Home Depot so is only $360 right now so I jumped all over it. Sharing with you guys in case you are in the market.

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40% Off Selected LifeStraw Products Amazon Daily Deal

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This is very cool stuff.

Out hiking and need water but afraid to drink from local sources? Get the lifestraw water bottle and fill it and drink with confidence. Going to a country where you aren’t sure about the water supply (hello my friends going on vacations to exotic places or traveling to those low cost centers for work!!!)

OH, and if you are Amazon Prime, you can select slower shipping but get a $5 credit for Amazon Pantry!!! Say you buy 2 or 3 water bottles or straws or some mixture, order one at a time and select the slower shipping for each one individually. That has worked in the past for me for when they would give Amazon Digital Media discounts for selecting slower shipping. So if it works for this, 3 straws ordered individually at $14.29 each would all be eligible for an additional $5 credit on Amazon Pantry.

Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and surpasses EPA standards for water filters

  • Removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction) and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns
  • Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1000-Liter LifeStraw Filter

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Local Admin GUIs On a Server Are Poison

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"Local Admin GUIs on a server are poison. It’s like heroin, you know your first shot oh so nice and then all of a sudden your life is ruined and you end up dead."

  – Jeffrey Snover… Trying to keep people from dying from local admin GUI poison since 2001.

  – joe

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AMAZON PRIME DAY, amazing deals all day! Better than Black Friday

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Amazon Fire Phone on Sale…

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32GB Amazon Fire Phone is on sale for $159.00 and includes free 1 year Prime Membership (value $99.00) so you are getting the phone for $60. That is worth ordering just for a camera/music player.


If you already have Prime, your current subscription will be renewed for an additional year.

  • What if I’m already a Prime member?

    You’re still eligible. Prime members who purchase a Fire will receive an additional year of Prime when their existing membership is up for renewal. For example: if your next renewal date is June 1st 2015 and you purchase a Fire, we will give you an additional year of Prime at no charge, making your next paid renewal date June 1st 2016.

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The simplest most elegant solutions are the most sexy…

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The simplest most elegant solutions are the most sexy. Those are the ones that have real life down the road. I am far more impressed and joyful at simple solutions than complex ones stacked up with all sorts of various interconnections. In the end, don’t build the Titanic when a paddle boat will do.

   – me

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IT is easy…

by @ 2:55 pm. Filed under humour

IT is easy.

It’s like riding a bike.

Except the bike is on fire.

And the ground is on fire.

And everything is on fire

Because you’re in hell.

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"Supported" doesn’t mean the same thing to Software Vendors and Service Providers

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When people tell me MSFT or some other software vendor supports something why don’t you as a service provider support it I chuckle and say

"Oh really, what kind of SLA guarantee do they offer? What kind of penalty for not meeting the defined goal agreement?"

Plain and simple… Service Providers and Software Vendors have very different definitions of supported.

I live in both worlds, my real job is in one space and personally, you probably know this, but I offer software. Look around the site, you will find it all over. I even support the software, but I don’t guarantee it will do anything for you nor do I even guarantee it won’t scratch the paint on your car, for the full body of the joeware warranty statement see Service Providers generally, usually have support contracts that specify SLAs/Os as well as penalties for not meeting those goals. If you want Service Provider type support for my software, let me know, if your pockets are deep enough we can probably make a deal.

So, when you are about to tell some professional in the Enterprise Service Provider support space "Vendor X supports Y done in a Z way, why don’t you?" you should first ask yourself…

  1. What is the SLA?
  2. What is the penalty for SLA failure? How much money will you get back for every 10 minutes past the SLA that something isn’t working as it was previously and should be?
  3. Are they charging you for every minute they are helping in the failure or is it all part of the existing support agreement and will be until the issue is fully resolved and you are back to where you were before the failure?
  4. Does the support mean they will get "SOMETHING" up and running again so you can start putting your business back together again or is it that you will have what you started with so you can start working as if nothing happened again?
  1. e.g. Your AD Forest goes pear shaped, you can’t restore from backup because backups are screwed too, you build a brand new forest and now the basic product is working again but you still can’t work the way you did before the outage.
  1. That fits the supported definition of most Software Vendors but generally not Service Providers.


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Using GUIDs/UUIDs for Primary Key of MariaDB or MySQL DB Table

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I am posting this so I can find it again, if others find it useful that is good too.

Define Primary Key as CHAR(36) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’

Define a trigger

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` TRIGGER `<TableName>_CreateUUIDPrimaryKey` BEFORE INSERT ON `<TableName>` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN
  set NEW.<PrimaryKeyFieldName> = UUID();



CREATE TABLE `TestTable` (
    `Name` CHAR(50) NOT NULL,

  set NEW.ID = UUID();

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Some may recall that I shared a great charity on my blog last year about this time, it is that time again. 🙂–2#home

Here is a video showing some highlights from last year:

In case that embedded video doesn’t load properly, you can see it directly at:

As I said last year

This is a great cause because it is about science, tech, engineering, and math which we all need more of. I personally know one of the co-founders and she is a great person and wouldn’t be involved with anything BUT a great cause. If you have a spare dollar or three please consider sending it that way. I would love to see them hit their goal by this weekend and if everyone who reads this blog or who has ever used one of the many free tools I openly provide and has saved them hours or days of work gave $5 they would go WAY over their goal and be funded for even more and better things.

It really is a great cause, so great that I wish I was wealthy enough to just hand over the full amount needed. However what I can do is donate directly PLUS as was the case last year…

SPECIAL JOEWARE OFFER FROM ME TO ALL OF YOU…. Anyone who donates $250 USD or more to the cause that I can validate as being received ping me on my joeware email address with high priority (if you can) message with the subject of STEM ROCKS with an address and any proof you have and I will validate the donation and then have a joeware t-shirt in the size of your choice sent to you in addition to any perk you get from the site itself. This isn’t through the co-founders or their project, this is completely between you and me and my pocket because I believe in this cause.

This is the STEMpowered Facebook page:

This is the STEMpowered website:

Donate to help STEM. 🙂

Donate to help these kids see something that may change their lives forever. 🙂

Donate because this really is a great cause. : )


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