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Updated: the joeware fork of rdp-sec-chk

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I have updated rdp-sec-chk on the joeware website.

I had added some IPv6 functionality so that I could use it over DirectAccess from my employer’s environment and never released it because it was a bit hacky. However I started having others that wanted to use it that way too so was going to release V01.01.00 and then noticed that Portcullis Security had updated their tool to V0.9-beta. So instead of releasing V01.01.00 I instead tweaked their V0.9-beta with the V01.00.00 and V01.01.00 changes and made it into joeware version V02.00.00.

You can find it at

Once again, this isn’t your normal joeware, this was something useful that I found that solved a specific issue but I needed to get it into a slightly different format for my easy use so tweaked it. Tweaks are intended to be kept at a minimum to achieve my goals. Please feel free to use the Portcullis Security version directly if that works better for your needs.


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Common Sense.

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More and more I find that I have to state out loud, and often strongly, common sense thoughts that 10 years ago I didn’t need to state because the others in IT already thought that way or at least knew what I was going to say if I started to say something about something really stupid.

For example… If a system is deemed critical, it should be set up as High Availability and have solid Business Recovery processes. You can’t just call the system critical and suddenly it is less likely to fail. In fact, Murphy’s law would tend to indicate the opposite is true. There is no combination of hardware and OS that isn’t susceptible to eventual failure. That is why we come up with all of these cool high availability options and redundancy and failover, etc.

I don’t know if the problem is that people are labeling everything as critical so as to artificially promote urgency in recovery or if everything truly is critical but no one is thinking about failure when costing, solutioning, designing, and engineering and they just assume it will always work (perhaps because it is important and important things shouldn’t break) so when that working state is no longer true there is a lack of process, resources, and recoverability and someone somewhere takes an “unexpected” shot to the pocket book and overall customer service and system availability suffers.



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You know you have been in IT too long when…

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…sorting your socks you realize you have at least 5 different brands/styles of white socks and you actually say out loud before thinking… “I really need to standardize on a single vendor and style for these white socks.”…

Then even as you think how sad it was that you came to that conclusion about something as simple and fun as socks you are trying to come up with a remediation plan and determining the features to standardize on… which ones do I like the feel of, what brands have the better quality, what socks seem to stay “whitest”, etc…

Sadly that is a true story.


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Awesome Weird Al Video – Word Crimes

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There is something to be said for the sound of a new SuperMicro 2U Server with 2 x Intel Hex Procs and 128 GB of RAM spinning up in your basement… Probably be joined by it’s twin in a few weeks or so.

I need a name… I was thinking Thunder, to be followed up by Lightning.

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Reboot everything…

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There are days when you just want to reboot everything and start with a clean memory chip.

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Every direction I look I see another form of stupidity or cluelessness…

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Every direction I look I see another form of stupidity or cluelessness. It is like everyone is standing around saying what they will do and no one is actually trying to figure out what we need and making sure what we do aligns with what we need.

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Security is a journey that never ends…

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Security is a journey that never ends, it is not a goal that you will complete by Wednesday at 2:48PM. You must be constantly looking at all aspects of things to make sure they are being handled in the most secure manner possible. Treat the resources you manage as if they were your own.

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The diversity of our people…

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The diversity of our people offers a plethora of solutions. Everyone has something to offer if they are willing to speak up.

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